Answer the Questionnaire – Speak Your Mind

The goal of this project is to create a free and unbiased discussion in which members of the Diaspora can voice to Israelis their honest and diverse views regarding Israel. I believe that in order to strengthen the relationship between the Diaspora and Israel we need to base this relationship on objective knowledge and familiarity, and give both sides to opportunity to express their views without being judged or patronized.

I intend to reach this goal by presenting a short questionnaire to members of Jewish communities around the globe, asking them to articulate their thoughts and feelings towards Israel. The answers will then posted on the project website.

As this project audience is vast and includes both Israelis and members of Jewish communities all over the world, i wanted to offer you to take part and present your views, ideas and activity (yours personally or that of your organization), in regard to Israel and Judaism.

I would of course love to hear any ideas or feedback you may have on how to make this project more meaningful and influential, to Israelis and members of diaspora both.

Your participation and input is much appreciated.

The Questionnaire

The Questionnaire

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I thank you for your time and insights.


Yinon Roichman
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