Why Support Us

“Looking at Zion” project was founded in Feb 2016 in order to present to the Israeli public a more comprehensive look into the Israel-Diaspora relationship, and by reflecting on this relationship through the eyes of prominent members of Jewish communities around the world.

It is our hope that by presenting the readers an honest look into the views and beliefs of the Jewish communities we will afford both sides to base their relationship on knowledge and familiarity rather than misconceptions and stereotypes.

If you share this hope with us and want to help us accomplish our mission, we ask for your support and invite to donate the project funding via pay pal. Your support will of course be recognized with our thanks in the project website (unless you choose to keep it anonymous).

In case you’re interested to sponsor the project or partner with us, please contact us at – lookingatzion@gmail.com

We intend to use your support to reach this following goals:

Numbers and Diversity

Our goal is to conduct a min. of 300 interviews by the end of 2016. We also intend to insure that those 300 interviewees will be diverse and will reflect Jews from different denomination, different political views, different personal background, different countries, etc.


So far “Looking at Zion” is displayed in English and Hebrew. In order to reach a wider audience in the Diaspora and reflect the views of a wider audience, our goal is to be able to hold interviews with Jews who communicate in other languages, among them: Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and more.

We also plan to publish the website in Russian and in Spanish. We hope to reach this goal by the end of 2016.


Our goal is to reach a min. of 40, 000 page views per month by the end of 2016. We intend to reach this goal by promoting the project, using social media and by creating collaborations with mainstream online media.


We chose the format of the project in light of our belief that when dealing with misconceptions and stereotypes, direct quotes from a person with a name and a face describing his views in his own words, will be more effective than empirical data. Nevertheless, when we gather enough data we would like to add also a more analytic layer to the project.

Infrastructure and Design

As our audience grows we will need to upgrade accordingly the website hosting service, we further will expect to improve the website structure and design in order to make it more user friendly.


Our goal is to insure the project’s existence for a number of years.