Benjamin L. Shinewald, Toronto

“Allowing Jews of all background and perspectives to find their own paths to Jewish identity would make Israel a far more vibrant place, Jewishly.” The Interviewee – Benjamin L. Shinewald (Born 1972),  I was born in Winnipeg, Canada. I am a lawyer/professional living in Toronto. I write

Rabbi Judith Seid, San Francisco

“We are legitimate Jews, the diaspora is what shaped Jewish culture and that diaspora culture isn’t something to be ashamed of.” The Interviewee – Judith Seid (Born 1949), Rabbi and Cantor Also CPA. I Grew up in Los Angeles. Now live about 40 miles east of San Francisco. In

A’, Sydney

“I think most of the diaspora relationship is built on giving money to Israel and that seems very outdated and one-dimensional.” The Interviewee – A’ (Born 1971), born in Johannesburg, south Africa, but now live in Sydney, Australia. Wished to remain anonymous. In your opinion, what importance,

Shaul Ussishkin, Writer, London

“Can the Diaspora and Israel live without each other? At the present time the painful answer is yes.” The Interviewee – Shaul Ussishkin (Born 1950), Writer, I live in NW London. In your opinion, what importance, if any, does the existence of a Jewish state have

Rabbi Joseph R. Black, Sr. Rabbi at Temple Emanuel, Denver

“As Zionists – as Jews we must be vigilant in our defense of Israel’s Right to Exist.” The Interviewee – Rabbi Joseph R. Black (Born 1959), Sr. Rabbi at Temple Emanuel, Denver, Colorado. I was born in Chicago, IL in 1959. l Very active in the Reform

K’, Scholar, Israel

“The official priesthood of the Orthodox rabbinate in Israel is an abomination and a perversion of what Judaism is all about.” The Interviewee – K’, scholar, Israel. In your opinion, what importance, if any, does the existence of a Jewish state have to you personally and

Keith Senzer, Owner at Powershift Coaching, NY

“Though American I consider Israel my homeland and am 100% behind it being protected and recognized.” The Interviewee – Keith Senzer (Born 1968), Owner Powershift Coaching. I am a Youth Empowerment Coach, live in Merrick NY and Keep kosher in the house and have a 19 years old girl

Rabbi Joshua Rabin, Director of Kehilla Enrichment, USCJ

“Israel is, to use a sports metaphor, the Jewish people’s team. I feel a need to care about it, and I refuse to abandon it, even if I am not wild about everything Israel does. That’s what it means to be a covenantal relationship.” The

Shira Sebban, Writer and Editor, Sydney

“It is much easier to be Jewish in Israel than elsewhere. In the Diaspora, we have to make much more of an effort to educate ourselves and our children, to live an active Jewish life and to be part of the broader Jewish community.” The

Aliza Silverstein, Chicago, Illinois

“I identify as orthodox. I believe Israel should be a theocracy. However I do not agree with the chareidi power grab” The Interviewee – Aliza Silverstein (Born 1953), Chicago, Illinois. In your opinion, what importance, if any, does the existence of a Jewish state have to you

Jonathan Arkush, President Board of Deputies of British Jews

“It is a privilege both to celebrate and to defend Jewish life outside Israel, as it is inside the country.” The Interviewee – Jonathan Arkush (Born 1954), President Board of Deputies of British Jews. Born in London. I

Rabbi Irwin Wiener, D.D. Spiritual leader, Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation

“My experience with Israelis indicates to me that they are upset that we do not make Aliyah. While I understand their concern, I believe it is unfounded. There have always been Diaspora Jews since the destruction of the first Temple.” The Interviewee – Rabbi Irwin

R’, Member of the American Jewish Community

“We have a moral stake in Israel. While Israelis have a country to worry about and how it affects their lives.” The Interviewee – Member of the American Jewish Community. Requested to remain anonymous. In your opinion, what importance, if any, does the existence of a Jewish

Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky, Executive Director, Big Tent Judaism, New Jersey

“I believe that the dominance of so-called Orthodoxy in the religious establishment in Israel is becoming less and less relevant to me and causing a further undermining of the relationship between American Jews and Israel.” The Interviewee – Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky (Born 1954), Executive Director, Big

Stephen Horblitt, Retired, Washington D.C.

“I feel very committed to the defense of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.” The Interviewee – Stephen Horblitt (Born 1942), Retired, former Director External Relations at Creative Associates International and also for 14 years a Legislative Director on Capitol hill. Before that I