Mira Sucharov, Associate Professor, Carleton University, Ottawa

“I feel committed to ensuring that Israel is a democracy. In its current form, I think its democratic status is eroding.” The Interviewee – Mira Sucharov (Born 1972), Associate Professor of Political Science at Carleton University

About “Looking at Zion”

As an editor and writer at Ynet (Israel’s biggest news website) for more than a decade, I became more aware of the misconceptions and stereotypes Israelis often have regarding the way Jewish people abroad perceive Israel. Consequently, the goal of my project “Looking at Zion”, is to

Answer the Questionnaire – Speak Your Mind

The goal of this project is to create a free and unbiased discussion in which members of the Diaspora can voice to Israelis their honest and diverse views regarding Israel. I believe that in order to strengthen the relationship between the Diaspora and Israel we

Jonathan Arkush, President Board of Deputies of British Jews

“It is a privilege both to celebrate and to defend Jewish life outside Israel, as it is inside the country.” The Interviewee – Jonathan Arkush (Born 1954), President Board of Deputies of British Jews. Born in London. I live in a large Jewish community in Hertfordshire, on the

Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union for Reform Judaism

“It is unconscionable that the Orthodox establishment rules over Jewish life in Israel still to this day. It belies the reality in Israel and among the Jewish people globally. As the largest denomination in Jewish life today, the Reform Movement must have full access to

Rabbi Justin Kerber, Hospital Chaplain, St. Louis

“I do my best to defend Israel’s interests by speaking up for them when I’m able to, in speech or in writing, and simply to be the best informal ambassador I am able to be.“ The Interviewee – Rabbi Justin Kerber (Born 1969), BCC, Chaplain. I grew

Belle Jarniewski, Chair at Freeman Family Foundation Holocaust Education Centre, Winnipeg

“I think that Israel has for far too long related to a rightwing audience. Of course there is funding from the Sheldon Adelsons of the world and his ilk. However, I believe that there is a real danger of alienating the younger generation by continuing

William Wolff, Hillel BC Program Coordinator, Canada

“I don’t feel morally responsible for Israel’s actions but it affects my interaction with Canadian society.” The Interviewee – William Wolff, Hillel BC Program Coordinator. Born in Mexico. Moved to Canada. MA degree in psychoanalysis. Currently working for Hillel BC. In your opinion, what importance, if

Joannie Friedman, Producer, Baltimore

“The geopolitical safety of the state of Israel cannot be provided by the Orthodox segment.“ The Interviewee – Joannie Friedman, Producer. I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I’m working on bringing JOSEPHINE to the great white way…a musical based on a period of time in life of Josephine

Project Founder and Editor – Yinon Roichman

About me – I was born in 1974 and grew up in a small Moshav near Hadera. Both of my parents were born in Israel, but my family roots go back to the Jewish community in: Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Hungary. I have a B.A degree in Film,

Elizabeth Goldman, Senior at Northeastern University

“I am just back from a service of two years in the Iron Dome Unit of the IDF. Needless to say, Israel means a great deal to me. The reason why I drafted is because I feel that it was my duty as a Jew

Rabbi Charley Baginsky, Member of the Liberal Judaism leadership, London

“The idea that Judaism, in a religious sense, belongs only to the Orthodox misunderstands the history of Judaism and does a disservice to the State.” Rabbi Charley Baginsky (1978), Chair of Liberal Judaism Biennial Committee at Liberal Judaism. Born in Watford, UK. Made Aliyah in 1999.  Serve

Jay Ruderman, President of the Ruderman Family Foundation, Boston (photo: Noam Galai)

“I feel connected to Israel, both as an Israeli and as an American-Jew, but I believe that Israelis need to be given the independence to elect their own government and to decide the future that they think is best for them.” The Interviewee – Jay

Albert Kaplan, Animals rights activist, Nevada

“Israel will become a Theocracy. It is certain, merely a matter of time.” The Interviewee – Albert Kaplan (Born 1932), Former stockbroker, animals rights activist, anti-abortion activist, anti-vivisection activist. Born in Gouverneur, New York. Married, reside in rural Nevada. In your opinion, what importance, if any,

Why Support Us

“Looking at Zion” project was founded in Feb 2016 in order to present to the Israeli public a more comprehensive look into the Israel-Diaspora relationship, and by reflecting on this relationship through the eyes of prominent members of Jewish communities around the world. It is our hope that by presenting the